Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Why I'm choosing to be anonymous... (for now)

Hello again! Some of you may of noticed that I have not revealed my identity either on here or on any of my social media networking sites. But Why? You may be wondering.
The internet can be a scary place for insecure people such as myself, for start. Especially someone of my age. No that doesn't mean i'm a 280 year old dinosaur. It just means that I don't feel ready to be putting myself and my face out there. That includes not telling my friends and family yet, because I feel like they won't take me seriously yet. That doesn't mean never however! On here I am going to be as honest as I possibly can. Probably more honest than in real life. And that means eventually revealing my identity. (that makes me sound like some kind of evil mastermind with a huge secret.) Sometime, in the near future (probably when I have a larger following) I will let you know who I really am. But, until then, i'm beautybyKK.

Sorry that it is a short post. I just wanted to tell any of you who were unsure why I wasn't showing my face. I hope you all understand. :)
BeautybyKK x

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